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Weavers Token is an innovative platform that empowers video content creators from all around the world to unleash their creativity and be rewarded for their talent.

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Weavers Token

Our app allows users to create and share captivating videos while earning Weavers tokens,
a digital currency that opens up exciting opportunities

Weavers Token - Power of Creativity

At Weavers Token, we believe in the power of creativity and its ability to inspire and entertain. Our team is comprised of passionate individuals who understand the challenges faced by content creators in today's digital age. Our mission is to provide a supportive and rewarding environment where video content creators can thrive and showcase their talents.

Weavers Token Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the way video content creators are recognized and rewarded. We aim to build a global ecosystem that values creativity and provides content creators with the recognition and financial support they deserve. We believe in empowering creators to follow their passion while being fairly compensated for their hard work.

Weavers Token Vision:

At Weavers Token, we envision a world where creativity knows no boundaries. We aspire to be the leading platform that nurtures and celebrates the diverse talents of video content creators, transcending geographical barriers. Through our innovative approach, we aim to redefine the entertainment industry, making it more inclusive and artist-centric.

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Earn Weavers Token

Our app allows users to create and share captivating videos while earning Weavers tokens,
a digital currency that opens up exciting opportunities

Earn Weavers Token

Weavers Token operates on a unique model where content creators can earn Weavers tokens by simply doing what they love - creating amazing videos. The more engaging and popular your content becomes, the more tokens you can earn. Our platform is designed to encourage creativity and foster a vibrant community of content creators.

  • Create & Earn
    Earn Weavers tokens by creating videos on Our App.
  • Watch & Earn
    Earn Weavers tokens by creating videos on our App.
  • Engage & Earn
    Like, comment on videos on our app and earn Weavers tokens


The actual problem that Weavers Token aims to address is the lack of proper recognition and fair compensation for video content creators worldwide. In the current digital landscape, millions of content creators generate engaging and entertaining videos, but only a small fraction of them receive adequate rewards for their efforts. The challenges they face include:


Weavers Token offers a disruptive solution to the problems faced by video content creators, providing a platform that emphasizes creativity, transparency, and fair compensation. Here's how Weavers Token addresses these challenges:

By combining blockchain technology, a token-based economy, and a supportive community, Weavers Token revolutionizes the way video content creators are rewarded for their creativity and talent. It empowers them to pursue their passion and build a sustainable career in the digital entertainment industry.

Tokenomics data of Weavers Token

  • Advisor - 5%
  • User Acquisition - 12%
  • VRS community - 8%
  • Development of product - 34%
  • Marketing - 37%
  • Partnership - 4%


See Whats Waiting For You

  • 2023


    • Team Building
    • Idea of creating of short videos app
    • Development Started of Weavers token
  • 2023


    • Deploy of a token on BSC Blockchain
    • Website Launch
    • Listing on Different centralized exchange
    • Submitting smart contract for Audit
  • 2023


    • Logo Updation on BSC scan
    • Target to make 3000 holders of weavers token
    • Applying for CoinMarketCap
    • Applying for Coingecko
    • Listing different websites for tracking
  • 2024


    • Launch of Application for short videos Beta Version 
    • Reward Earning program in short videos
    • Press Release
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Holder target 7000
  • 2024


    • Updation of Application with new features
    • Dubai Expo 
    • Expand of exchange listing 
    • Celebratrity for brand ambassador selction